Putlocker Bay – You’ve Landed At The Right Spot

As you look for an online movie platform, you found Putlocker and it seems that it fits of what you have expected from the movies and shows you want to watch. However, since you heard or read so much about watching movies online, you come up to the point where you are anxious about subscribing. Not to mention that there are several services online where you already told them to stop the subscription but still they are charging you big bucks which are kind of frustrating on your part.

Test The Water First

  • The good thing about the Putlocker Bay is the fact that this platform allows you to test the water first by subscribing for a dollar where you have the privilege to watch shows and movies featured for three days.
  • On your part, you have nothing to lose here and you can just walk away in case that you don’t like the movies they feature. But, to be honest, you will simply fell in love with this movie platform especially if you roam around to the site itself


  • Speaking of roaming around, the navigation is quite easy and the interface is user-friendly. In addition, the website is a fully responsive site where you can use your smartphone or other mobile devices.
  • The shows and movies are presented in thumbnails and you can also see how the online users like the shows and movies by checking their rate.
  • At the menubar, you have plenty of options from movies, shows, trending, adult, adventure, fantasy, animation, crime and several other things that you may be interested.


  • You can use any kinds of formats as long as it fits your computer requirements. You can use Flash for streaming, or you can also download the shows and the movies according to your convenience and watch them via WMV and there is no DOM restricted.


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